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Chestnut parquet manufacturer 14mm or 22mm / 23 mm
for gluing or nailing
Chestnut wallsiding and Chestnut decking too

A team of 5 people in production:

Solid Chevron flooring also possible with Chestnut

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We produce our chestnut flooring from 100% French chestnut. We work with sawmills in Normandy, Morvan and Limousin to produce terraces and solid parquet.

Our perfectly insulated workshop, which is temperature-controlled all year round, and our drying chambers allow us to work perfectly with this type of wood, which has its own requirements in order to obtain a very good quality of finish. In particular, it is important to ensure perfect sharpening of the cutting tools...

Chestnut wood floors are a little softer than oak, but their durability is not in question. They are perfect for bedrooms and flats. They are also very economical compared to oak.

We manufacture 95% of our solid chestnut parquet on demand and do not hold a stock of finished parquet. We need a few weeks to supply you.

In addition to its distinctive grain and light natural colour - but which can be oiled in many shades - the highly tannic chestnut is not attacked by insects, which guarantees you a comfortable and long-lasting parquet floor.

Less expensive than oak, it is an excellent economic alternative to oak, available from around thirty euros for straight installation, depending on the width.

On the other hand, the widest planks are not as wide as their oak version. Chestnut trees, in fact, weaken in frosty weather and are victims of "rusting", a kind of internal separation of the rings that makes the wood unsuitable for any noble use (steering, boilers, worse, chipboard...). To avoid this, they are cut younger than the oaks and the widths do not exceed 14 cm.

In the terrace version, it ages well and remains very homogeneous.


Tel : +33 233 345 779
Mobile + Whatsapp : +33 688 311 616
E-Mail : contact@solid-chestnut-flooring.fr
Büro : 19 rue R Descartes - 61270 Rai - France

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